TM 10-3930-660-34 8-6.  FRONT PLANETARY WHEEL ENDS - REPLACE (Cont’d) 2. DISASSEMBLE PLANETARY SPIDER ASSEMBLY (6-8). a. Remove and discard three snap rings (5) from planetary pinion shafts (6). b. Remove three thrust washers (7) and planetary gears (8) from planetary pinion shafts (6). 3. REMOVE PLANETARY SUN GEAR (11) AND RING GEAR (13). a. Remove and discard snap ring (9) from end of wheel bearing spindle (10). b. Remove planetary sun gear (11). c. Remove sun gear thrust washer (12). d. Remove planetary ring gear (13). 4. REMOVE WHEEL HUB AND DISC ASSEMBLY (16). a. Use a sling and hoist or other suitable lifting device to support hub weight during removal. b. Remove hub bearing nut (14).  If necessary, remove dowel pin (15). c. Wobble wheel hub and disc assembly (16) to unseat oil seal (17), inner (19) and outer (18) bearing cone. d. Remove outer bearing cone (18). e. Remove wheel hub and disc assembly (16). f. Remove inner oil seal (17). g. Remove inner bearing cone (19). h. If necessary,  remove two bearing cups (20) with a suitable puller. 8-34