TM 10-3930-660-34 8-5.  FRONT DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR/ADJUST (Cont’d) 1. INSTALL     DIFFERENTIAL     CARRIER     (2)     INTO     AXLE HOUSING (3). NOTE Inside of axle housing and mounting flange where carrier fastens should be clean and dry before installing carrier. a. Install companion flange (4), washer (5) and nut (6) onto bevel pinion (12). WARNING Minor   concentrations   of   acetic   acid   may   be   produced   during application     of     silicone     RTV-732     clear     sealing     compound. Adequate  ventilation  should  be  provided  when  silicone  RTV  is applied   in   confined   areas.      Failure   to   do   so   could   cause respiratory irritation,  headaches and nausea.    Eye  contact  with silicone RTV-732 clear sealing compound may cause irritation; if eye  contact  takes  place,    flush  eyes  with  water  for  15  minutes and have eyes examined by a doctor. b. Apply  a  1/8  inch  bead  of  silicone  RTV-732  clear sealing   compound   to   mounting   surface   of   axle housing (3) that differential carrier (2) fastens. c. Install differential carrier (2) into axle housing (3). CAUTION Four  initially  installed  capscrews  (7)  must  be  evenly  spaced  to prevent    uneven    pressure    on    differential    carrier    (2)    when torquing.  Failure to do so could cause component failure. d. Install  four  capscrews  (7)  and  flatwashers  (8)  into corner  locations  around  differential  carrier  (2)  and axle housing (3).  Hand tighten. 8-31