8-5. FRONT DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR/ADJUST (Cont’d) d.   Install two bearing cups (18) over bearing cones (19 and 20) on case halves (25 and 26). e.   Use a sling and hoist to lift differential and ring gear (18-26) as an assembly and install into differential carrier (2).  Bearing cups (18) must be flat against bores between differential carrier (2) legs. f. Install both bearing adjusting rings (15) into position between differential carrier (2) legs. Turn each adjusting ring (15) hand tight against bearing cup (18). g.   Install bearing caps (13) over the assembled bearing cups (18) and bearing cones (19 and 20), and adjusting rings (15).  Use match marks made during disassembly to match original location of bearing caps. h.   Use a plastic or leather mallet to fit each bearing cap (13) tightly against the bearing cups (18),  adjusting rings (15) and differential carrier (2) legs. If bearing caps (13) do not fit correctly,  check alignment of match marks between bearing caps (13) and differential carrier (2) leg.  If necessary,  repeat STEPS f and g. i. Install two capscrews (16) and two flatwashers (17) that hold bearing caps (13) to differential carrier (2) legs.  Tighten capscrews (16) by hand four to six turns,  then torque to between 110 and 145 lb.  ft. ADJUSTMENT 1. ADJUST PRELOAD OF DIFFERENTIAL BEARINGS (18-20). 8-26 TM10-3930-660-34