TM10-3930-660-34 8-5. FRONT DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY - RBPLACE/REPAIR/ADJUST (Cont’d) NOTE Bevel pinion spigot end number can be in 1, 000ths of an inch or 100ths of a millimeter.  Example: +3 - .003 inch, +.03 - .03mm.  Be sure to convert millimeters to inches by multiplying by 0.039 before performing the following calculations: c.   Subtract number from spigot bearing end of old bevel pinion (12) from shim pack (34) thickness measured in STEP a.  if old number is a plus (+) value. If old bevel pinion spigot number is a minus (-) value,  add number from spigot end of old bevel pinion (12) to shim pack (34) thickness.  This is the thickness of the standard shim pack, without a variation. d.   Read number on spigot end of new bevel pinion (12).  Record number. e.   Add   number   from   spigot   end   of   new   bevel pinion     (12)     to     standard     shim     pack     (34) thickness calculated in STEP c., if number  on spigot  end  of  new  bevel  pinion  (12)  is  a  plus (+).  If new pinion cone number is a minus (-), subtract new pinion cone number from standard  shim  pack  (34)  thickness  calculated in STEP c.  This is the thickness of the new shim pack. 8-20