TM10-3930-660-34 8-5. FRONT DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY - PLACB/REPAIR/ADJUST (Cont’d) j. Decrease bearing preload by removing bevel pinion (12) and bearing cage (28) assembly from differential carrier (2) and installing a thicker bearing spacer (37).  Repeat STEPS a through h. k.   Remove nut (6),  washer (5) and companion flange (4) from bevel pinion (12). l. Remove eight capscrews (29) and bearing cage cover (30). m. Remove bevel pinion (12) and bearing cage (28),  as an assembly,  from differential carrier (2). 4. IF REPLACEMENT OF BEVEL PINION (12) AND RING GEAR (22) SET IS NECESSARY, ADJUST THICKNESS OF SHIM PACK FOR NEW BEVEL PINION (12) AND RING GEAR (22) SET. NOTE If a new bevel pinion (12) and ring gear (22) set is installed,  or if the depth of the bevel pinion (12) has to be adjusted,  calculate the needed thickness of the shim pack using the following procedure: a.   Use a micrometer to measure thickness of old shim pack (34) removed from under bearing cage (28).  Record measurement. b.   Read variation number on spigot end of old bevel pinion (12). Record number. 8-19