TM10-3930-660-34 8-5. FRONT DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR/ADJUST (Cont’d) c.   Install pinion bearing cage thrust washer  (32), bearing   cage   (28)   and   bearing   cage   cover (30),   and   secure   with   eight   capscrews   (29). Hand tighten capscrews (29). d.   Install    companion    flange    (4),    nut    (6)    and washer  (5)  on  bevel  pinion  (12).    Companion flange (4) must be against outer bearing. e.   Fasten fabricated yoke nut tool (App.  C,  Fig. C-5) to  companion  flange  (4).    Use  fabricated yoke   nut   tool   to   hold   bevel   pinion   (12)   in position when nut (6) is tightened. f. Torque  nut  (6)  on  bevel  pinion  (12)  to  300  - 400 lb.  ft. g.   Remove fabricated yoke nut tool from companion flange (4). h.   Attach a torque wrench on bevel pinion nut (6). Rotate    bevel    pinion    (12)    and    read    value indicated    on    torque    wrench.        New    pinion bearings  should  be  preloaded  between  5  and 45 lb.  in.  of torque.  Reused pinion bearings should be preloaded between 10 and 30 lb.  in. NOTE Do not read starting torque.  Read only torque value after bevel pinion (12) starts to rotate.  Starting torque will give a false reading. i. Increase   bearing   preload   by   removing   bevel pinion  (12)  and  bearing  cage  (28)  assembly from   differential   carrier   (2)   and   installing   a thinner bearing spacer (37).  Repeat STEPS a through h. 8-18