8-5. FRONT DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR/ADJUST (Cont’d) ASSEMBLY NOTE Pinion   and   ring   gears   are   a   matched   set.      If replacement    of    ring    gear    or    pinion    gear    is necessary,  replace both gears as a set. 1. ASSEMBLE   BEVEL   PINION   (12),      BEARINGS (35,  36,  37 AND 38) AND BEARING CAGE (28). a.   Use  a  press  or  suitable  sleeve  and  driver  to install inner bearing cup (38) and outer bearing cup   (39)   into   bearing   cage   (28).      Be   sure bearing  cups  are  flat  against  bottom  of  cage bore. b.   Use  a  press  or  suitable  sleeve  and  driver  to install inner bearing cone (36) on bevel pinion (12). c.   Use  a  press  or  suitable  sleeve  and  driver  to install  spigot  bearing  (41)  onto  spigot  end  of bevel pinion (12). d.   Use  an  expanding  snap  ring  pliers  to  install snap   ring   (40)   into   groove   in   end   of   bevel pinion (12). e.   Apply a thin film of gear lubricant to inner and outer  bearing  cups  (38  and  39)  and  bearing cones (36 and 35). f. Install bevel pinion (12) into bearing cage. g.   Install bearing spacer (37) on bevel pinion (12) against inner bearing cone (36). 8-16