TM10-3930-660-34 8-5. FRONT DIFFERRENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR/ADJUST (Cont’d) 5. DISASSEMBLE BEVEL PINION (12) AND BEARING CAGE (28). a.   Place bevel pinion (12) and bearing cage (28) in a press with splined end at the top of assembly. b.   Support bearing cage (28) under flange area with metal or wood blocks. c.   Use a press or leather mallet and suitable driver to remove bevel pinion (12) from bearing cage (28). d.   Remove outer bearing (35) from bearing cage (28). e.   Use a suitable puller to remove inner bearing cone (36) and bearing spacer (37) from bevel pinion (12). f. Use a suitable puller to remove inner bearing cup (38) and outer bearing cup (39) from bearing cage (28). g.   Install a soft metal cover over vise jaws to protect bevel pinion (12).  Place bevel pinion (12) in a vise. h.   Use expanding snap ring pliers to remove snap ring (40) from end of bevel pinion (12). i. Use a suitable puller to remove bearing (41) from spigot end of bevel pinion (12). CLEANING See Cleaning Instructions,  para.  2-10. INSPECTION See Inspection Instructions,  para.  2-11. 8-15 TM10-3930-660-34