TM10-3930-660-34 8-5. FRONT DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR/ADJUST (Cont’d) WARNING Failure to use a retaining bolt or other means of restraint can cause injury when removing the no-spin differential (21). The no-spin differential (21) contains compression springs under pressure. c.   Remove eight capscrews (23) and eight flatwashers (24) from plain case half (25). d.   Separate case halves (25 and 26) and remove no-spin differential (21). NOTE The no-spin differential (21) is not serviceable and must not be disassembled.  Do not remove the retaining bolt for inspection. e.   Inspect the no-spin differential (21) for visible damage.  Replace if damaged. 3.  IF NECESSARY,  REMOVE RING GEAR (22). a.   Inspect ring gear (22) for wear or damage.  If ring gear (22) needs replacement,  center punch twelve rivets (27) on side of ring gear (22). b.   Drill twelve rivets (27) on side of ring gear (22) to a depth equal to thickness of one rivet head.  Use a drill bit 1/32 of an inch smaller than body diameter of rivet. c.   Press or drive twelve rivets (27) from drilled side through holes in ring gear (22) and flange case half (26).  Discard rivets (27). 8-13