TM10-3930-660-34 8-3. FRONT AXLE ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) 6. REMOVE FRAME TILT CYLINDER, TM10-3930-660-20. 7. REMOVE FRONT DISK BRAKE ASSEMBLIES, PARA. 10- 3. 8. DISCONNECT AXLE BREATHER HOSE (3) FROM FRAME BY REMOVING NUT (4), LOCKWASHER (5), AND CLAMP (6). Discard lockwasher (5). CAUTION Wipe area clean around all hydraulic connections to be opened during removal. Cap oil lines and plug holes after removing lines. Contamination of the hydraulic system could result in premature failure. NOTE If more than one hydraulic line is to be removed, identify lines to assure proper installation. Use suitable container to catch any hydraulic oil that may drain from the system. 9. DISCONNECT FRONT STEERING CYLINDER HYDRAULIC SUPPLY HOSES (7). NOTE • Weight-of axle assembly is 1,650 lbs. (748kg). 10.  USE A FLOOR JACK TO SUPPORT WEIGHT OF FRONT AXLE ASSEMBLY. 11.  REMOVE AXLE PIVOT PIN (11). a.  Remove locknut (8) and retaining capscrew (9). Discard locknut (8). NOTE Note the location and quantity of washer spacers (10) during disassembly. Keep washer spacers (10) together as a set. b.  Remove axle pivot pin (11) and washer spacers (10). 8-4