TM10-3930-660-34 7-8.  TRANSMISSION CONTROL VALVE - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) ASSEMBLY NOTE Wipe all sealing surfaces on cylinder clean and dry. Apply film of clean hydraulic oil to all parts, except neutral start switch, as they are installed. 1. ASSEMBLE TRANSMISSION CONTROL VALVE (1-46). a.   If removal was necessary, install one ball (46) and eight plugs (45). Ball (46) should be 0.03 inch below surface. b.   Install washer (44), accumulator spring (43) and accumulator piston (34) in one end of  valve body (42). Depress accumulator piston (34) to compress spring (43) and install roller  (35) in hole toward back of valve body (42). c.   Install dump valve (33) and dump valve spring (32). d.   Install new O-ring (31) on plug (30).  Install plug (30). e.   Install shims (41), spool (40), orifice plate (39) and snap ring (38) on other side of valve body (42). f. Install new O-ring (37) on plug (36).  Install plug (36). g.   Install new oil seal (29) into valve body bore. h.   Install stem (28) (directional spool). Use care to prevent damage to oil seal (29). i. Install spacer (27) and nut (26) on stem (28) (directional spool). 7-52