TM10-3930-660-34 7-6.  TRANSMISSION OUTPUT SHAFT - REPLACE/REPAIR/ADJUST (Cont’d) d.   Install bearing cup (21) and oil seal (20) in output cap (10). e.   Place case in vertical position. Install output shaft   (7) with spacer screws to locate it in main case. Ensure that shaft (7) is installed straight and   finished material of output shaft (7) yoke end is visible in front of seal. f. Install bearing cone (8), thrust race (9) and snap ring (6) onto shaft (7) g.   Lay case down with output shaft (10) up. Install a new O-ring (19) in groove of output cap (10). h.   Install bearing cone (16) in bearing cup (21). i. Place gear (15) in baffle pan (14). Install baffle pan (14) and two cap screws (17) to output cap (10). j. Install shims (18). k.   Use two studs (13) as guide and carefully install output cap (10) with shims (18) on main case. Use care to prevent damage to oil seal (20) and O-ring (19) l. Install two nuts (12) and two cap screws (11). Ensure that output shaft (7) spins freely. m. Install yoke (2), new O-ring (3), shims (5), washer (4) and cap screw (1). NOTE If a new yoke was installed, adjust shims (5) to obtain 0.005 inch gap between yoke (2) face and washer (4). 2. CHECK AND ADJUST OUTPUT SHAFT (7) END PLAY. 7-46 a.   Install a dial indicator to read shaft end play. b.   Pull up on output shaft (7) and read end play on dial indicator. c.   If end play is not within 0.000 to 0.004 inch, adjust shims (5) as necessary to bring end play within specifications. d. Remove indicator and base. 3. INSTALL FRONT AND REAR PROPELLER SHAFTS, TM10-3930-660-20. 4. FILL TRANSMISSION WITH OIL, L010-3930-660-12.