TM10-3930-660-34 7-5.  TRANSMISSION FPRIT COVER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) INSTALLATION 1. INSTALL FRONT COVER ASSEMBLY (1). a.   Ensure that two locator bushings  are in position on main case. The locator bushings align front cover assembly (1). b.   Place new gasket (7) on main case. c.   Use a hoist to lift front cover assembly (1) and place it on main case. d.   It may be necessary to rotate input shaft (17) slightly to line up gear teeth in front cover clutch packs. 2.    INSTALL FOUR CAPSCREWS (6), THREE APSCREWS (5) AND CAPSCREWS (2-4).   TORQUE CAPSCREWS TO 50 LB. FT. 3. INSTALL TRANSMISSION OIL PUMP, PARA. 7-9. 4. INSTALL TORQUE CONVERTER, PARA. 7-3. 5. INSTALL TRANSMISSION CONTROL VALVE, PARA. 7- 8. 6. INSTALL TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY, PARA. 7-4. 7-43