TM10-3930-660-34 7-5. TRANSMISSION FRONT COVER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) 4. INSTALL PARTS (14-22). a. Apply  Loctite  #242  to  converter  pressure relief  valve  (22)  and  drive  into  bore  until valve   seat   shoulders   against   bottom   of bore. b. Apply Loctite #59241 and install allen head pipe  plug  (21)  to  back  side  of  front  cover (13). c. Install   stator   support   tube   (20),      cover plate (19) and six capscrews (18). d. Install transmission input shaft (17),  as an assembly,      through   back   of   front   cover (13).      Ensure   that   flat   side   of   bearing retainer (A) is against front cover (13). e. Apply   Loctite   #242   on   threads   of   three capscrews (16) and install. f. Install   thrust   washer   (15)   against   cover plate (19). g. Install   impeller   gear   (14)   against   thrust washer (15). 5. INSTALL  PARTS  (8  AND  10-13)  AND  BEARING RETAINER (9). a. Install bearing (12) with retaining ring (11) on bearing retainer (9). b. Install oil seal (10) in bearing retainer (9). c. Apply Permatex gasket material to bearing retainer (9).  Ensure that oil seal (10) is on the outside before installing bearing retainer   (9).      Install   bearing   retainer   (9) and seven capscrews (8). 7-42