TM10-3930-660-34 7-5. TRANSMISSION FRONT COVER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) d. Install   shaft   (34)   with   bearing   (37)   in   front cover (13). e. Use a suitable puller to pull shaft (34) through front   side   of   front   cover   (13)   and   through auxiliary pump gear (33) until snap ring groove is seen. f. Install snap ring (32). g. Apply   Loctite   #242   to   cover   (35)   and   press onto front cover (13). 3. INSTALL    HYDRAULIC    PISTON    PUMP    DRIVE ADAPTER (25). a. Install  bearing  roller  (30)  and  bearing  (29)  on shaft of auxiliary pump gear (31). b. Install snap ring (28). c. Slide    parts    (28-31)    as    an    assembly    into hydraulic piston pump drive adapter (25). d. Install  new  O-rings  (26  and  27)  on  hydraulic piston pump drive adapter (25). e. Install   hydraulic   piston   pump   drive   adapter (25),      four   new   lockwashers   (24)   and   four capscrews (23). NOTE When installing capscrews (16),  apply Loctite #242. 7-41