TM10-3930-660-34 7-5.  TRANSMISSION FRONT COVER ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) 3. USE HOIST TO LIFT FRONT COVER ASSEMBLY (1) OFF MAIN CASE. 4. PLACE    FRONT    COVER    ASSEMBLY    (1)    ON SUITABLE SUPPORTS. 5. REMOVE AND DISCARD GASKET (7). DISASSEMBLY 1. REMOVE  BEARING  RETAINER  (9)  AND  PARTS (8 AND 10-13). a. Remove   seven   capscrews   (8)   and   bearing retainer (9). b. Remove oil seal (10). c. Remove retaining ring (11) and bearing (12). d. Remove   Permatex   gasket   material   between bearing retainer (9) and front cover (13). 2. REMOVE PARTS (14-22). a. Remove hub impeller gear (14) and thrust washer (15). b. Remove three capscrews (16) and transmission input shaft (17) as an assembly. c. Remove six capscrews (18),  cover plate (19) and stator support tube (20). NOTE Do  not  remove  high  pressure  line  in  front  cover  (13). The   entire   front   cover   assembly   must   be   replaced   if replacement  of  high  pressure  line  is  necessary.    The high pressure line is not replaceable. d. Remove allen head pipe plug (21). e. Drive    converter    pressure    relief    valve    (22) through  pipe  plug  (21)  opening  in  front  cover (13). 7-38