TM10-3930-660-34 7-4.  TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) 3.  INSTALL TRANSMISSION IN VEHICLE. a. Apply    Loctite    #242    to    threads    of    four capscrews (36). Install left front transmission  mounting  bracket  (38),    four new lockwashers (37) and four capscrews (36).  Torque capscrews (36) to 220 lb.  ft. NOTE Weight of transmission (43) is 846 lbs. b. Attach  a  hoist  with  slings  to  transmission (43).    Place  slings  under  input  yoke  and output yokes.  Secure slings together. c. Lift transmission (43) into vehicle.  Ensure that hoses and other obstructions are clear of  transmission  during  installation.  Lower transmission until its mounts are resting on transmission supports. 4.  INSTALL PARTS (32-35 AND 40-42). NOTE Place a drift and wedge between capscrew (39) and side of rear transmission mount to prevent capscrew (39) from moving when tightening nut (40). a. Apply Loctite #242 to threads of capscrew (39).  Install nut (40), rebound washer (41),  rubber mount (42) and capscrew (39) in rear transmission mount.  Torque nut (40) to 307 ft.  lb. b. Apply Loctite #242 to threads of two hex head  capscrews  (32).  Install  two  rubber mounts (35), two rebound washers (34), two nuts (33) and two hex head capscrews (32).  Torque nuts (33) to 307 ft. lb 5. CONNECT     TWO     LEADS     TO     NEUTRAL     SAFETY SWITCH c. Remove slings from transmission (43). 6. CONNECT   HOSE   (30)   AT   MAIN   CONTROL   VALVE (BETWEEN  MAIN  CONTROL  VALVE    ASSEMBLY  AND PRIORITY VALVE). 7-32