TM10-3930-660-34 7-4.  TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) 5.  INSTALL FRONT COVER ASSEMBLY (45),  PARA. 7-5. 6.    INSTALL  TRANSMISSION  CONTROL  VALVE  (44), PARA.  7-8. INSTALLATION NOTE After  transmission  repair  or  replacement,    ensure  that parts   not   issued   with   transmission   are   removed   and installed on new transmission. 1.  INSTALL TANDEM GEAR PUMP (28) ON TRANSMISSION. a. Install new O-ring (29) on hydraulic gear pump drive. b. Place  tandem  gear  pump  (28)  in  position  on transmission oil pump. c. Install  two  new  lockwashers  (27)  and  two  hex head capscrews (26). 2.  INSTALL PISTON PUMP (21) ON TRANSMISSION. a. Install  a  new  O-ring  (25)  on  hydraulic  piston pump drive adapter. b. Place piston pump (21) in position on transmission. c. Install two flatwashers (24), two new lockwashers (23) and two hex head capscrews (22). 7-31