TM10-3930-660-34 7-4. TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) j. Install   weld   gear   (91)   on   shaft   assembly (88). k. Using an assistant to spread snap ring (121) use  a  bearing  driver  to  press  bearing  (92) onto shaft assembly (88) and into weld gear (91). l. Install two snap rings (90).  Ensure that snap rings    (90)    are    fully    in    grooves    of    shaft assembly (88). m. Use  a  bearing  driver  to  press  bearing  (89) onto shaft assembly (88). n. Apply  grease  to  three  seal  rings  (87)   and install. o. Turn   shaft   assembly   (88)   over   and   press gear (106) onto shaft assembly (88). p. Install  snap  ring  (105)  onto  shaft  assembly (88). q. Tap    or    press    bearing    (104)    onto    shaft assembly (88). 4.  INSTALL THREE CLUTCH PACKS (46-48). a. Place first stage clutch pack (46) on a wood block.    Move  the  assembled  three  clutch packs (46-48) together. b. Install a special lifting tool in bottom groove of all three clutch pack (46-48) shafts. c. Attach  a  hoist  with  slings  to  special  lifting tool   and   install   clutch   packs   (46-48)   into main case. d. Ensure   that   clutch   packs   (46-48)   are   in proper position and sequence before removing  special  lifting  tool.    Ensure  that bearings engage with seats in main case. 7-30