TM10-3930-660-34 7-4.  TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) m. Use  a  bearing  driver  to  press  bearing (71) onto shaft assembly (67) and into weld   gear   (70).      Remove   alignment bars   to   seat   bearing   (71)   and   weld gear (70). n. Install   snap   ring   (69).      Ensure   that snap ring (69) is fully in groove of shaft assembly (67). o. Use  a  bearing  driver  to  press  bearing (68) onto shaft assembly (67). p. Apply  grease  to  three  seal  rings  (66) and install. q. Turn    shaft    assembly    (67)    over    and repeat STEPS a-h. r. Install weld gear (78) on shaft assembly (67).  Turn weld gear (78) so it meshes with   clutch   plates   (74)   and   separator plates (75).  Push weld gear (78) until it bottoms  out.    Weld  gear  (78)  splines must   be   in   full   position   with   internal teeth of all clutch plates (74). s. Remove weld gear (78). t. Press one bearing (79) onto shaft assembly (67) until it is tight against snap ring. u. Install appropriate pair of alignment bars between weld gear (78) and piston (84),  as required, to hold weld gear (78) off piston.  Use either narrow or wide side of bars to ensure that weld gear (78) is held off piston 1/4" and at the same time engages all clutch plates. v. Install weld gear (78) on shaft assembly (67). 7-27