TM10-3930-660-34 7-4. TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) b. If removal was necessary,  install new gasket (115) and suction screen (114). c. If removal was necessary,  install expansion plug (116). d. If removal was necessary,  install two locating bushings (113). e. If   removal   was   necessary,      install   elbow   (111), dipstick  tube  (110),    dipstick  (109),    clamp  (108) and capscrew (107) on transmission case (112). NOTE Wipe all sealing surfaces clean and dry. Apply film of hydraulic oil to all parts as they are installed. 1. ASSEMBLE FIRST STAGE CLUTCH PACK (46). a. Install new outer piston seal (65) onto piston (63). b. Install new O-ring (64) onto shaft assembly (50). CAUTION Use   care   when   installing   assembled   piston   (63)   to   prevent damage to O-ring (64) and outer piston seal (65). c. Install  assembled  piston  (63)  into  shaft  assembly (50).    Ensure  that  piston  (63)  aligns  with  locating pins in shaft assembly (50). d. Install  thrust  washer  (62),    four  springs  (61)  and retainer (59). 7-22