TM10-3930-660-34 7-4. TRANSMISSION ASSEKBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) n. Place shaft assembly (67) in a press.Install a clutch spring compressor tool. o. Press  down  on  spring  compressor  tool  and retainer  (80)  just  enough  to  relieve  pressure on  retainer  ring  (81).    Remove  retainer  ring (81). Slowly remove clutch spring compressor tool. p. Remove retainer (80), four springs (82) and thrust washer (83). WARNING Do   not   exceed   15   psig   nozzle   pressure   when   using compressed  air.    Do  not  direct  compressed  air  against skin. Failure to follow this precaution could cause personal injury. q. Insert air nozzle at pressure ports (A) located between   three   seal   ring   grooves   on   shaft assembly    (67).        Use    compressed    air    to remove piston (84). r. Remove and discard O-ring (85) and outer piston seal (86). s. Turn shaft assembly (67) over and repeat STEPS e,  g,  h and m-q. 7. DISASSEMBLE THIRD STAGE CLUTCH PACK (48). a. Remove three seal rings (87) from shaft assembly (88). b. Use two pry bars 1800 apart to pry bearing (89) up and remove it from shaft assembly (88). 7-18