TM10-3930-660-34 7-4. TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) c. Place clutch packs (46-48) on a clean bench.  Place a wood block under first stage clutch pack. Remove special lifting tool from clutch packs. 4. SEPARATE THREE CLUTCH PACKS (46-48). 5. DISASSEMBLE FIRST STAGE CLUTCH PACK (46). CAUTION Use care when removing seal rings (49) to prevent clutch shaft damage. a. Remove three seal rings (49) from shaft assembly (50). b. Use two pry bars 1800 apart to pry bearing (51) up and remove it from shaft assembly (50). c. Remove snap ring (52) from shaft assembly (50). d. Use a gear puller to remove weld gear (53) and bearing (54) as an assembly from shaft assembly (50). e. Using an assistant to spread snap ring (119),  use a driver to remove bearing (54) from weld gear (53). f. Remove snap ring (55). g. Slide retainer (56) out of shaft assembly (50). CAUTION Carefully handle clutch plates (57) so graphite coating doesn’t flake off.  Failure to follow this precaution could cause equipment damage. h. Remove six clutch plates (57) and six separator plates 58). 7-14