TM10-3930-660-34 b. Left Side View of the 6KVRRTFL. (1) Forks and Carriage.  Serves as an anchoring point of the forks.  The fork carriage is also equipped with automatic fork leveling.  Moving a switch will keep the forks level when raising or lowering the boom. (2) Load Backrest (shown in fork  carriage  position).    Serves  as  a  backstop  or  support  for  materials  being carried on the forks. (3) Boom.  The telescopic, three stage boom is constructed of welded high strength steel.  The boom will retract or extend the reach and height of the forks. (4) Boom Angle Indicator.  Shows the angle of the boom relative to the horizon. (5) NATO  Slave  Receptacle.    Connection  point  for  starting  a  disabled  vehicle  or  for  receiving  starting assistance when disabled. (6) Battery Box.  Holds the batteries which provide current for the electric system. (7) Engine.    Provides  the  necessary  power  to  drive  the  transmission.    The  engine  also  contains  sending units for the Simplified Test Equipment for Internal Combustion Engines (STE/ICE) diagnostics. (8) Tool Box.  Storage area for tools and basic issue items. (9) Attachment Hoist Cylinder.  Moves the MLRS attachment forward and back. 1-4