TM10-3930-660-34 7-3. TORQUE CONVERTER - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) 2. ASSEMBLE PARTS (32-36),  INSTALL STATOR (31) AND PARTS (28-30). a. Install outer race (36),  sprag clutch assembly (35) and inner race (34).  Clutch assembly flange should be toward front of converter as shown.   Stator will freewheel counterclockwise viewed from output end. b. Install sprag clutch assembly (35) with flanged edge of cage toward side of stator (31) marked "FRONT" or the letter "F".  The stator (31) will free-wheel counterclockwise when viewed from output side. c. Install two clutch retainers (33) and two retaining rings (32). d. Install stator (31) in impeller (17) so that the word "FRONT" faces away from impeller. e. Install inner thrust washer (30), needle thrust bearing (29) and outer thrust washer (28). 3. INSTALL TURBINE (27),  PARTS (23-26), FRONT COVER (16) AND PARTS (13-17). a. Install turbine (27) and turbine hub (26). b. Install inner thrust race (23), needle thrust bearing (22) and outer thrust race (21). c. Install bearing (24) 0.040 inch below thrust race (21) surface. 7-6