TM10-3930-660-34 1-5. EQUIPMENT IMPROVEMENT REPORT AND MAINTENANCE DIGEST (EIR MD). The  quarterly  Equipment  Improvement  Report  and  Maintenance  Digest,  TB  43-0001-39  series,  contains  valuable  field information on the equipment covered in this manual.  The information in the TB 43-0001-39 series is compiled from some of the Equipment Improvement Reports that you prepared on the vehicles covered in this manual.  Many of these articles result from comments, suggestions, and improvement recommendations that you submitted to the EIR program.  The TB 43-0001-39  series  contains   information   on   equipment   improvements,   minor   alterations,   proposed   Modification   Work Orders (MWOs) warranties (if applicable), actions taken on some of your DA Forms 2028-2 (Recommended Changes to Publications), and advance information will help you in doing your job better  and  will  help  in  keeping  you  advised  of  the latest changes to this manual.  Also refer to DA PAM 310-1 Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Blank Forms, and Appendix A, References, of this manual. 1-6. WARRANTY INFORMATION. Refer to the Warranty Technical Bulletin TB10-3930-660-14. 1-2