TM10-3930-660-34 6-4.  STARTER - REPAIR (Cont’d) b.  Install pinion stop (46) (cupped side facing out) and retaining ring (47) on armature shaft.  Retaining ring (47) may have to be forced over end of armature shaft using a hammer and piece of wood, as shown. c.  Place thrust collar (45) on retaining ring (47) and force pinion stop (46) over retaining ring (47), using two pliers as shown. 4.   ASSEMBLE ARMATURE/MOTOR DRIVE AND SOLENOID SWITCH TO DRIVE HOUSING (10). a.  Clamp drive housing (10) in a padded vise. b.  Position center bearing retainer (41) to drive housing (10). c.  Place shift lever (39) in drive housing (10) and secure with screw (36), nut (37) and new lockwasher (38). d.  Install plunger (35) and pin (34). e.  Install plunger return spring (33), and new gasket (32). f.  Install solenoid switch (28), two screws (30) and two new lockwashers (31). g.  Position contact (29) between cover (26) and solenoid switch housing (28).  Align new gasket (27) and secure cover (26) to solenoid switch housing (28) with two capscrews (25). 5.   INSTALL PARTS IN FIELD FRAME (8). NOTE If pole shoes (23) have one long lip, install pole shoes so long lip points in direction of armature rotation.  Also, observe match marks made before removal. 6-16