TM10-3930-660-34 6-4.  STARTER - REPAIR (Cont’d) 4.   CHECK ARMATURE FOR GROUNDS OR OPEN CIRCUITS. a.  Check for grounds by measuring resistance between commutator (a) and one armature bar (b).  Set ohmmeter on highest scale when taking measurement. b.  Switch ohmmeter to lowest scale. c.  Place ohmmeter leads against two adjacent commutator bars (a) and observe ohmmeter.  Ohmmeter needle should swing to zero and remain. d.  Repeat check for all commutator bars (a) by moving one ohmmeter lead at a time.  There must be continuity between each pair of bars. ASSEMBLY 1.   IF REMOVED, INSTALL BEARING (50), WICK (52), PLUG (51) AND PIN (49). a.  Soak wick (52) and surface of bearing (50) in OE/HDO-10 engine oil. b.  Press bearing (50) into bore until even with end of drive housing (10). c.  Install wick (52) and plug (51). d.  Install pin (49). 2.   IF REMOVED, PRESS CENTER BEARING (48) INTO CENTER BEARING RETAINER (41) UNTIL FLUSH WITH FRONT FACE OF RETAINER. 3.   ASSEMBLE ARMATURE (9) AND MOTOR DRIVE (44) COMPONENTS. a.  Install center bearing retainer (41), washer (43) and motor drive (44) on armature shaft. 6-15