TM10-3930-660-34 6-4.  STARTER - REPAIR (Cont’d) 8.   REMOVE ARMATURE AND MOTOR DRIVE. a.  Remove brake washer (42) and armature (9), with washer (43), motor drive (44) and thrust washer (45). b.  Using a short pipe nipple, or other suitable metal cylinder, and a hammer, drive pinion stop (46) toward motor drive (44) until retaining ring (47) is exposed. Remove retaining ring (47). c.  Separate armature (9), center bearing plate (41), washer (43), motor drive (44) and pinion stop (46). d.  If required, remove center bearing (48) from center bearing retainer (41). 9.   REMOVE PARTS (49 THROUGH 52) FROM DRIVE HOUSING (10), AS REQUIRED, FOR REPLACEMENT. CLEANING CAUTION Do not clean starter parts in dry cleaning solvent.  Dry cleaning solvent may damage certain electrical parts. CLEAN STARTER PARTS IN MINERAL SPIRITS AND DRY USING LOW PRESSURE COMPRESSED AIR OR CLEAN LINT-FREE CLOTH. 6-13