TM10-3930-660-34 6-3.  ALTERNATOR - REPAIR/TEST (Cont’d) 2.   INSTALL BALL BEARING (14) TO DRIVE END FRAME (4). a.  Install dust shield (15). b.  Apply small amount of Delco-Remy lubricant to ball bearing (14) race.  Rotate bearing race to distribute lubricant. c.  Press ball bearing (14) into frame (4) from inside to outside.  Sealed side of bearing must face out, away from new bearing retainer (11). d.  Fill grease cavity approximately one-half full of Delco-Remy lubricant.  Arrange lubricant so some will touch ball bearing (14) after bearing retainer (11) is installed. e.  Install new gasket (12), new bearing retainer (11), three new lockwashers (10), and three screws (9). 3.   INSTALL COLLAR (13) ON ROTOR SHAFT AND PRESS ROTOR (7) THROUGH BALL BEARING (14) AND BORE IN DRIVE END FRAME (4) USING A SUITABLE PRESS. 4.   ASSEMBLE SLIP RING END FRAME COMPONENTS. a.  If removed, install pin (43) and bushing (42) to frame (5). b.  If removed, secure wire lead (26) to regulator (28) with nut (38). c.  If removed, install connector (37), relay terminal assembly parts (36), and relay terminal cap (35). d.  If removed, install battery terminal assembly parts (34), connector (33), and nut (32). 6-8