TM10-3930-660-34 6-3.  ALTERNATOR - REPAIR/TEST (Cont’d) d.  A high (infinite) resistance reading in STEP c indicates an open rotor winding and rotor (7) must be replaced. 4.   TEST STATOR (8) FOR OPEN OR GROUNDED WINDINGS. a.  Using an ohmmeter set to low scale, measure resistance through stator windings.  Connect ohmmeter to terminal clips (17), from each outside clip to center clip and then between two outside clips. b.  Measure resistance from each terminal clip (17) to stator frame to check for grounded windings.  A low resistance reading between any terminal clip (17) and stator frame indicates a grounded winding, and stator (8) must be replaced as a unit. ASSEMBLY 1.   INSTALL ROLLER BEARING (39) TO SLIP RING END FRAME (5). a.  Press new roller bearing (39) into slip ring end frame (5) from outside to inside, to a depth of 7/32 inch as shown. b.  Fill plug (40) with Delco-Remy lubricant to a level sufficient to fill grease reservoir approximately one-half full. c.  Install plug (40), making sure that some lubricant touches roller bearing (39). d.  Press new seal (41) into slip ring end frame (5) bore to a depth of 3/16 inch, as shown. 6-7