TM10-3930-660-34 4-4.  FUEL INJECTION PUMP - REPLACE (Cont’d) NOTE New and reconditioned fuel injection pumps come with drive shafts locked at an angle which aligns shaft key with keyway in drive gear.  Screw (23) is tightened against shaft to lock shaft. Do not loosen screw (23) until instructed to do so in STEP h,  below. b.  Position fuel injection pump (19) on mounting studs,  using care to prevent key (30) from dropping into timing gear housing while aligning key (30) with keyway in gear. c.  Install three nuts (28) finger tight on pump mounting studs.  Pump must be free to move until timing has been set. d.  Install new lockwasher (26) and nut (25). e.  If original pump is being installed,  rotate pump to align scribe marks (B).  Then tighten three nuts (28) to 18 lb.  ft. f.  If installing a new or rebuilt pump without scribe mark,  rotate pump against direction of drive rotation to take up backlash in gearing and tighten nuts (28) to a torque of 18 lb.  ft.  Then place a scribe mark (B) on pump flange using a hammer and small chisel. g.  Loosen screw (23) and insert timing lock plate (24) under head of screw (23).  Tighten screw (23) to a torque of 120 lb.  in. h.  Disengage TDC pin (22). i.  Tighten nut (25) to a torque of 48 lb.  ft. j.  Install front cover,  para.  3-19, steps 4-7. 4-12