TM10-3930-660-34 4-4. FUEL INJECTION PUMP - REPLACE (Cont’d) i.  Hold crankshaft to prevent locked fuel injection pump from turning while loosening nut (25) in STEP j, below. j.  Use care not to drop nut (25) or lockwasher (26) behind front cover.  Remove nut (25) and lockwasher (26).  Discard lockwasher (26). k.  Remove drive gear (27) from fuel injection pump shaft,  using puller (A) as shown. l.  Make sure scribe marks (B) are present and visible on injection pump and timing gear housing. m.  Remove three nuts (28) and carefully remove fuel injection pump and mounting gasket (29).  Do not allow key (30) to drop from pump shaft into timing gear housing. n.  Discard gasket (29) and clean gasket residue from surface on timing gear housing. CLEANING See Cleaning Instructions,  para.  2-10. INSPECTION See Inspection Instructions, para.  2-11. INSTALLATION 1.  PUSH IN TDC PIN (22) TO VERIFY CYLINDER NUMBER 1 IS AT TDC.  IF NECESSARY,  TURN ENGINE CRANKSHAFT UNTIL TDC PIN CAN BE PUSHED IN FULLY. 2.  INSTALL FUEL INJECTION PUMP. a.  Place new gasket (29) on pump mounting studs. 4-11