TM10-3930-660-34 4-4. FUEL INJECTION PUMP - REPLACE (Cont’d) 2.  REMOVE FUEL INJECTION PUMP (18). a.  Loosen nuts (13). b.  Disconnect accelerator cable (14) from fuel injection pump control lever. c.  Disconnect six high fuel pressure lines (15),  fuel supply line (16), fuel drain line (17) and fuel shutoff valve wiring lead (18) from fuel injection pump (19). d.  Remove three capscrews (20) and brace (21). NOTE Steps e through g must be performed in order to time fuel injection pump to engine when pump is installed. e.  Locate TDC for cylinder number 1 by slowly turning engine crankshaft while pushing in on TDC pin (22).  Pin will fit into a hole on the camshaft gear when engine is at TDC for No.  1 cylinder. f.  Disengage TDC pin (22) immediately after locating TDC for cylinder number 1 to prevent damage to pin. g.  Loosen screw (23) and remove timing lock plate (24).  Tighten screw (23) against fuel injection pump shaft.  Secure timing lock plate (24) to fuel injection pump with a wire to prevent its loss. h.  Remove front cover,  para.  3-19, steps 4-7. 4-10