TM10-3930-660-34 4-3. FUEL INJECTOR - TEST/REPLACE (Cont’d) b.  Operate pump lever at a rate that causes nozzle to chatter softly while discharging fuel in a broad and finely atomized pattern. If conditions of prior note are not met, replace nozzle. INSTALLATION 1.  APPLY ANTI-SEIZE COMPOUND TO HOLD- DOWN NUT THREADS. 2.  INSTALL FUEL INJECTORS (12). a.  Install one new copper injector seal (13) on each nozzle. b.  Install injector,  (12) using care to align button on injector nozzle holder with notch in cylinder head bore. c.  Torque injector (12) nut to 44 lb.  ft d.  Install new banjo connector seal (10) in gap between nozzle holder and injector nut. e.  Install fuel manifold (8) and new seals (11),  and secure to injectors with screws (9).  Tighten nuts (7) on manifold (8). f.  Loosely connect fuel high pressure tubes (1-6) to fuel injectors.  Leave connections loose until bleeding procedure (STEP 3, below) is completed. 3.  CONNECT NEGATIVE BATTERY CABLE, M10-3930-660-20. 4.  BLEED FUEL SYSTEM. WARNING To bleed fuel system,  engine must be a.   Briefly crank engine to allow air placed in a run condition.  Because entrapped in high fuel pressure engine may start during bleeding lines to escape around fittings on procedure,  all necessary safety fuel injectors. precautions must be followed.  See TM10-3930-660-10 (unit operation manual). b.   Tighten fittings to 216 in.  lb. 4-8