TM10-3930-660-34 e.    Chassis Mounted Fuel-Water Separator/Filter.  Filtration and separation of water from the fuel is important for trouble free operation and long life of the fuel system.  Some of the clearances between the pump parts are very close.  For this reason the parts can easily be damaged by rust formation and contaminants.  The chassis mounted separator/filter has two filter elements in a single glass bowl through which the fuel must flow before flowing through the outlet.  Water and contaminants settle to the bottom of the sediment bowl and are removed by removing the drain plug. f.      Engine Mounted Fuel-Water Separator/Filter Unit.  The engine mounted fuel-water separator/filter unit has two replaceable elements.  One element of the filter has a valve which can be opened regularly to drain the collected water.  The dual canister configuration provides additional filtering capacity.  The fuel flows through the adaptor to a large combination fuel-water separator/filter and back to the fuel filter for final filtering. 4-3