TM 10-3930-660-34 3-22.  ENGINE OIL PUMP - REPLACE (Cont’d) 2. INSTALL OIL PUMP (16) INTO CYLINDER BLOCK BORE AND RETAIN WITH FOUR CAPSCREWS (15). 3. TORQUE CAPSCREWS (15) IN OPPOSITE PAIRS TO 216 IN. LB. CAUTION Lips of seal in cover (9) and seal surface on crankshaft end must be clean and free of oil. Failure to properly clean sealing surfaces may cause oil to leak at seal. 4. INSTALL TIMING GEAR COVER (9). CAUTION When installing timing gear cover (9), be careful not to damage lips of seal.  Failure to protect seal lips during installation of seal over crankshaft end may damage oil seal lips and cause oil leakage. a.   Install pilot tool from seal kit inside diameter of seal to protect seal lips during gear cover (9) installation. b.   Install new gasket (14) and timing gear cover (9) onto engine block. c.   Remove pilot tool from seal bore. d.   Install eleven capscrews (12) and eight capscrews (13) as noted at disassembly. e.   Install belt guide (11) and retain with capscrew (10). Tighten capscrews (10, 12, and 13) to 216 in. lb. 5. INSTALL TACHOMETER DRIVE, TM 10-3930-660- 20. 3-128