TM 10-3930-660-34 3-22.  ENGINE OIL PUMP - REPLACE (Cont’d) 6. REMOVE TIMING GEAR COVER (9). a.   Remove capscrew (10) and belt guide (11). b.   Remove eleven capscrews (12) and eight capscrews (13). c.   Remove timing gear cover (9) and gasket (14). Discard gasket (14). 7. REMOVE FOUR CAPSCREWS (15). 8. REMOVE OIL PUMP (16). CLEANING See Cleaning Instructions, para. 2-10. INSPECTION See Inspection Instructions, para. 2-11. INSTALLATION CAUTION When installing pump, be sure idler gear pin is installed in the locating bore in the cylinder block. Failure to properly locate oil pump can result in damage to pump and to cylinder block bore. 1. LUBRICATE PUMP (16) WITH ENGINE LUBRICATING OIL. NOTE Filling oil pump with oil prior to installation will help to prime pump at engine start-up. NOTE Back plate on pump (16) seats against bottom of cylinder block bore. When pump (16) is correctly installed, flange on pump will not touch cylinder block. 3-127