TM 10-3930-660-34 3-19. FRONT HOUSING AND COVER - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) INSTALLATION 1. INSTALL NEW GASKET (10) AND GEAR HOUSING (9) ONTO CYLINDER BLOCK (11). INSTALL TWO CAPSCREWS (5) AND FIVE SHORT CAPSCREWS (6). TIGHTEN CAPSCREWS TO 216 IN. LB. 2. INSTALL CAMSHAFT AND TIMING GEAR, PARA. 3-18. 3. INSTALL TIMING PIN (15) AND HOUSING (14) ONTO GEAR HOUSING (9) AS AN ASSEMBLY. INSTALL TWO CAPSCREWS (13) FINGER TIGHT. HOLD PIN (15) IN AND ENGAGE HOLE IN CAMSHAFT GEAR TO ENSURE PROPER ALIGNMENT. TORQUE CAPSCREWS (13) TO 48 IN. LB. 4. PULL TIMING PIN (15) OUT OF CAMSHAFT GEAR. 5. INSTALL FUEL INJECTION PUMP, PARA. 4-4. CAUTION Lips of seal (12) and seal surface on crankshaft should be clean and free of oil prior to installation. Failure to clean surfaces could cause oil to leak at seal (12). 6. IF NEW SEAL (12) IS TO BE INSTALLED: a.   Install cover (7) and new gasket (8) onto housing (9) and retain with eight capscrews (5) and eleven short capscrews (6). Install capscrews in locations noted at disassembly. Do not tighten capscrews at this time. b.   Install alignment/installation tool from seal kit onto crankshaft end and into seal bore in gear cover (7) to align cover (7) with crankshaft end. c.   Torque capscrews (5) and (6) to 216 in. lb. 3-120