TM 10-3930-660-34 3-18.  CAMSHAFT, CAMSHAFT GEAR, AND CAMSHAFT BUSHING - REPLACE (Cont’d) ASSEMBLY 1. INSTALL KEY (6) IN CAMSHAFT (3). 2. INSTALL GEAR (4). a.   Apply Lubriplate 105 to gear mounting surface of camshaft (4). b.   Heat gear (4) in an oven to 2500F for 45 minutes. WARNING Wear protective gloves to handle gear.  Gear is hot and can cause severe burns. c.   Install gear (4) on camshaft (3) with timing marks away from camshaft and gear tight against shoulder of camshaft. INSTALLATION NOTE If a new camshaft is being installed, a new camshaft bushing must be installed. 1. INSTALL CAMSHAFT BUSHING (5). a.   Mark location of oil hole (7) in camshaft bore using felt pen. b.   Place camshaft bushing (5) in its bore, taking care to align oilcx hole in bushing with oil hole (7) in camshaft bore. c.   Install camshaft bushing (5), using universal bushing installation tool, until bushing is flush with face of cylinder block. 3-115