TM 10-3930-660-34 3-18.  CAMSHAFT, CAMSHAFT GEAR, AND CAMSHAFT BUSHING - REPLACE (Cont’d) c.   Measure camshaft end play using a dial indicator positioned on a machined surface of the camshaft gear. Record indicator reading for reference 2. TO PREVENT TAPPETS FROM DROPPING OUT OF THE CYLINDER BLOCK WHEN CAMSHAFT IS REMOVED, TURN ENGINE STAND SO THE CRANKSHAFT IS FACING UP. 3. REMOVE CAMSHAFT GEAR AND CAMSHAFT AS AN ASSEMBLY. a.   Remove two capscrews (1) from thrust plate (2) and remove thrust plate. b.   Slowly and carefully remove camshaft (3) and gear (4), being careful not to damage the camshaft lobes and bearing journals, and camshaft bores in the cylinder block. It may be necessary to slowly turn the camshaft, during removal, to allow lobes to clear the tappets. NOTE If a new camshaft is to be installed, or if the camshaft bushing is damaged or dimensions exceed specified tolerance (see INSPECTION), the camshaft bushing, and all service bushings that may be installed in the other cam bores, must be replaced. 4. IF NECESSARY, REMOVE CAMSHAFT BUSHING (5) AND ALL CAM SERVICE BUSHINGS USING THE UNIVERSAL BUSHING INSTALLATION TOOL. 3-112