TM 10-3930-660-34 3-17.  VALVE TAPPETS - REPLACE  (Cont’d) INSPECTION 1. SEE "INSPECTION INSTRUCTIONS", PARA. 2-11. 2. INSPECT TAPPETS. Inspect socket, stem and face for excessive wear and other damage. Inspection Point                         Indication A Normal wear B & C Abnormal wear, do not reuse. 3. MEASURE TAPPET BORES. IF TAPPET BORES IN CYLINDER BLOCK ARE NOT WITHIN SPECIFIED TOLERANCE, THE ENGINE MUST BE REBUILT. Wear Limit Tolerance 0.630 - 0.632 inch 4. CHECK TAPPET DIMENSIONS. D (Minimum Diameter) = 0.627 inch Check tappet diameter in four places: 42 mm from face, 13 mm from face, and 900 to each measurement. INSTALLATION 1. TURN ENGINE STAND SO CRANKSHAFT (1) IS FACING UP CAUTION Be careful not to drop the tappets (2) into the bottom of the pistons during tappet installation as this could damage the pistons. 2. APPLY LUBRIPLATE 105 TO OUTSIDE DIAMETER OF TAPPET (2). 3. USE A MAGNET TO INSTALL TAPPETS (2) INTO CYLINDER BLOCK (3). NOTE If new tappets were installed, a new camshaft must also be installed. 4. INSTALL CAMSHAFT, PARA. 3-18. 5. INSTALL OIL PAN, PARA. 3-20. 3-110