TM 10-3930-660-34 3-16. ROCKER ARM ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR  (Cont’d) DISASSEMBLY NOTE Keep each rocker arm assembly together as a set. DISASSEMBLE ROCKER ARM ASSEMBLY (5). NOTE Remove expansion plug (7) only if necessary. a. Remove two expansion plugs (7), retaining rings (8),  and washers (9). CAUTION Do not remove shaft from support (12).  The support and shaft must be replaced as an assembly. b. Remove intake rocker arm (10) and exhaust rocker arm (11) from support (12). c. Remove nuts (1) and adjusting screws (2) from rocker levers (10 and 11). d. Repeat STEPS a, b, and c for the other five rocker arm assemblies (5). CLEANING See Cleaning Instructions, para. 2-10. INSPBCTION 1. SEE "INSPECTION INSTRUCTIONS", PARA.  2-11. 2. MEASURE ROCKER ARM BORE. Maximum Allowable Diameter: 0.750 inch 3-106