TM 10-3930-660-34 3-15. CONNCTING RODS AND BEARINGS - REPLACE (Cont’d) l. Apply engine lubricating oil to threads and under heads of capscrews (4). m. Tighten capscrews (4) in three increments. (1) First increment - 26 lb.  ft. (2) Second increment - 52 lb.  ft. (3) Third increment - 73 lb.  ft. 3. AS BEARING CAPS (2) ARE INSTALLED, MANUALLY ROTATE CRANKSHAFT TO ENSURE THAT CRANKSHAFT ROTATES FREELY.  IF CRANKSHAFT FAILS TO ROTATE FREELY AT SOME POINT,  CHECK FOR INCORRECT INSTALLATION OR INCORRECT SIZE OF ROD BEARINGS (5). 4. REPEAT STEPS 2 AND 3 UNTIL ALL SIX PISTON AND CONNECTING ROD ASSEMBLIES ARE INSTALLED. 5. MEASURE CONNECTING ROD SIDE PLAY AT EACH CONNECTING ROD ASSEMBLY. a. Measure connecting rod side play. b. Wear tolerance is 0.012 inch maximum. c. If side play exceeds wear tolerance stated in step b, replace connecting rod and connecting rod cap. 6. INSTALL OIL PUMP INLET TUBE, PARA. 3-21, OIL PAN, PARA.  3-20 AND CYLINDER HEAD, PARA. 3-7. 3-104