TM 10-3930-660-34 3-15. CONCTING RODS AND BEARINGS - REPLACE (Cont’d) c. Bar crankshaft over so rod journal for piston and connecting rod assembly being installed is at bottom dead center (BDC). d. Install piston (3) and connecting rod (6) assembly through top of cylinder bore, using care not to damage cylinder liner walls.  Make sure that side of piston (3) containing word, FRONT, faces front (fan end) of engine. e. Continue to push piston (3) into cylinder bore until top of piston (3) is approximately 2 in. below top surface of cylinder block. f. Repeat above procedure until all six piston and connecting rod assemblies are installed. g. Obtain proper sized rod bearing set,  according to rod bearing clearance measurement, above. h. Install new rod bearings (5) in i. Apply light coat of Lubriplate 105 to rod bearing (5) bearing surfaces. j. Grasp bottom of connecting rod (6) and pull downward onto crankshaft rod journal. k. Install bearing caps (2) with four-digit numbers (12) stamped on bearing caps (2) and on connecting rods (6), at parting line, towards oil cooler side of engine. 3-103