TM 10-3930-660-34 3-15. CONNTING RODS AND BEARINGS - REPLACE (Cont’d) INSTALLATION NOTE If required,  replace piston rings (para. 3-14),  before proceeding. 1. ASSEMBLE CONNECTING ROD (6) TO PISTON (3). a. Liberally apply engine lubricating oil to piston pin (8) and to piston pin bores in connecting rod (6) and in piston (3). b. Install retaining ring (11) on side of piston marked,   FRONT. c. Orient piston (3) and connecting rod (6) so word,   FRONT,  on top of piston (3) and number stamped on connecting rod are positioned as shown. d. Install piston pin (8) through bores in piston (3) and in connecting rod (6). e. Install retaining ring (7). 2. INSTALL PISTON (3) AND CONNECTING ROD (6) ASSEMBLY. a. Apply engine lubricating oil to cylinder bores,  piston rings and piston skirts. CAUTION If a strap-type ring compressor is used in STEP b,  take care not to hook strap on a ring gap,  as doing so could cause ring to break. b. Compress piston rings using a suitable ring compressor. 3-102