TM 10-3930-660-34 3-15. CONNECTING RODS AND BEARINGS - REPLACE (Cont’d) INSPECTION 1. VISUALLY INSPECT CONNECTING RODS (6) FOR DAMAGE OR OBVIOUS WEAR. 2. CHECK I-BEAM SECTION (9) OF CONNECTING RODS (6) FOR DENTS OR OTHER DAMAGE.  ANY DAMAGE IN THIS AREA CAN CAUSE STRESS WHICH WILL LEAD TO BREAKAGE. 3. MEASURE I.D.  OF PISTON PIN BORE IN CONNECTING ROD (6),  AT FOUR POINTS AS SHOWN,  TO CHECK FOR WEAR.  TAKE AVERAGE OF ALL READINGS.  AVERAGE READING MUST NOT EXCEED RANGE FROM 1.5769 TO 1.5784 INCH. 4. CHECK ROD BEARING CLEARANCE. a. Assemble connecting rod (6),  rod bearings (5) and cap (2). b. Install capscrews (4) and tighten to 73 lb.  ft. c. Record smallest diameter measured at various points around bore. d. Measure and record mean diameter of rod journal on crankshaft (10).  Take four readings on each journal at points noted. e. Subtract rod journal mean diameter,  STEP d,   from smallest rod bearing diameter, STEP c, to determine rod bearing clearance. NOTE Maximum allowable rod bearing clearance is 0.0035 inch. Select required undersized bearing set to compensate for excessive rod bearing clearance. 3-101