TM 10-3930-660-34 3-15. CONNECTING RODS AND BEARINGS - REPLACE (Cont’d) 3. REMOVE CAPSCREWS (4),  ROD BEARING CAP (2) AND ROD BEARINGS (5). DISCARD ROD BEARINGS (5).  DISCARDCAPSCREWS (4). NOTE Do not reuse connecting rod capscrews (4). 4 REMOVE PISTON (3) AND CONNECTING ROD (6) ASSEMBLY BY PUSHING OUT THROUGH TOP OF CYLINDER BLOCK. 5. REMOVE CONNECTING ROD (6) FROM PISTON (3). a. Remove retaining ring (7) from front side of piston (3). b. Remove piston pin (8) from piston (3) and connecting rod (6) to remove connecting rod (6). CLEANING NOTE Refer to Cleaning Instructions,  para. 2-10,  for general cleaning information and for appropriate warnings regarding use of solvents and compressed air. 1. WASH CONNECTING RODS (6) IN A STRONG SOLUTION OF LAUNDRY DETERGENT AND HOT WATER. 2 RINSE CONNECTING RODS (6) IN FRESH, CLEAN WATER AND WIPE DRY USING WIPING RAGS. 3-100