TM 10-3930-660-34 3-14. PISTONS, PISTON PINS AND RINGS - REPLACE This task covers: a. Removal b. Cleaning c. Inspection d. Installation Initial Setup Tools Materials/Parts Tool Kit,  Automotive Mechanics Detergent,  Laundry (App.  B,  Item 9) Oil,  Lubricating,  Engine, Tool Kit,  Machinists:  Post,  Camp OE/HDO-15/40 (App.  B,  Item 26) and Station Piston Ring Set Solvent,  Dry Cleaning,  P-D-680 Shop Equipment,  Automotive (App.  B,  Item 48) Maintenance,  Common #2 Less Power Equipment Condition Connecting rod/piston assembly removed from engine,  para.  3-15. REMOVAL NOTE Pistons do not have to be heated in order to remove piston pins. 1. REMOVE PISTON PIN (2). a. Remove retaining ring (1). b Remove piston pin (1) from piston (3). c Separate piston (3) from connecting rod (4). d Remove second retaining ring (5) 3-94