TM 10-3930-660-34 3-13. FLYWHEEL HOUSING AND COVER - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) CAUTION Tap alignment and installation tool at the 12,  3,  6,  and 9 o’clock positions only.  Striking the tool at other locations could damage the seal carrier. 6. POSITION NEW REAR OIL SEAL (8) TO CORRECT DEPTH IN REAR COVER (5) WITH INSTALLATION AND ALIGNMENT TOOL. a. Place installation and alignment tool onto crankshaft and against oil seal (8) carrier. b. Tap tool with a plastic hammer at the 12,  3,  6,  and 9 o’clock positions to drive new oil seal (8) evenly into position and to prevent damaging the seal carrier. c. Drive oil seal (8) into rear cover (5) until installation and alignment tool stops against the cover. d. Remove installation and alignment   tool from crankshaft. 7. INSTALL NEW O-RING (3) OVER REAR COVER (5). 8. INSTALL FLYWHEEL HOUSING. a. Attach suitable lifting device and hoist to flywheel housing (2) and lift housing into position on engine. b. Install eight capscrews (1). Tighten capscrews to 57 lb. ft. in the sequence shown. 9. INSTALL FLYWHEEL,  PARA.  3-12. 3-93